Blue Survival Kit


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Name Range Discount
Survival Kit 3 - 5 Get 48.73% discount in 1 quantity of cheapest item
Survival Kit 6 - 8 Get 48.73% discount in 2 quantity of cheapest item
Survival Kit 9 - 11 Get 48.73% discount in 3 quantity of cheapest item
Survival Kit 12 - 14 Get 48.73% discount in 4 quantity of cheapest item
Survival Kit 15 - 17 Get 48.73% discount in 5 quantity of cheapest item


A token of love to show someone how much you care.

Contains 8 items

  1. A Marble, for those days when you feel like you have lost yours
  2. String & Paper Clip, to hold you together when everything seems to be falling apart.
  3. A Heart, to remind you that someone loves you.
  4. A Teddy Bear, for a nice big hug when you need one.
  5. An Eraser, to remind you that every day is a new beginning and a fresh start.
  6. A Coin, so you are never completely broke.
  7. A Four Leaf Clover, to bring you all the luck in the world.


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