About Us

Welcome to Tangible Beauty!

Aly and Janine are sisters working together to bring you brand new nail appliques from the US.

Being a trained beauty therapist, Aly had never had problems doing her nails, however Janine, an Orthoptist (eye care specialist) by day, always described herself as “cack-handed”! Aly discovered Incoco Nails in 2015 and excitedly told Janine she had found an amazing new product that meant that even she could do her own nails! Disbelieving, she took a packet home and tried it herself. The rest as they say, is history!

Proud retailers of Incoco Nail Appliques.

Fashion and Beauty shows regularly feature Incoco Nails.

This dry nail varnish is NOT tested on animals! Neither Incoco, nor any of their suppliers, conduct or commission animal testing of any kind, on any of their products or ingredients. A full list of ingredients can be seen HERE

– Made from 100% real nail polish (Not stickers!)
– Contains a base coat, colour or pattern and top coat all in one easy to apply strip, providing brilliant salon quality results in minutes.
– No drying time, No heating required, No smudges &  No smears or drips.
– Have a beautifully manicured long lasting look, for up to 14 days
– Quick & easy to remove by using regular nail polish remover

For more than 10 years Incoco have been trading in other countries and since December 2015 have become available here in the UK! This is a truly fun and revolutionary product which we’re sure will prove to be a game changer.

Many fashion events feature Incoco due to their speed of application. As a result they are often used on the catwalks in many countries. They are making headlines because of their ease and diversity. Take a behind the scenes look at Incoco backstage, as well as the finished nails on the runway.